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What you are birthing into the world?

I love helping entrepreneurs & organizations capture the true essence of who they are with a resonating visual story.

ID Branding

“Robert creates from a place of deep listening and stillness. His intuition, his skill, his heart, his reliability and his humility are an incredible combination that makes working with him easeful, supportive and joyous. I highly recommend him for your graphic needs!"

– ADITI SETHI, Center for Conscious Dying & Living Founder & Director

Cover &  Poster Design

“Robert has a gift for connecting with people and places in meaningful ways. He brings a strong and positive spiritual presence to every project."


Marketing Director, Kanuga Conference Center

Event & Conference Design

“Robert finds great joy in helping others realize their vision which is a great fit for me given my coaching institute is dedicated to supporting others in doing the same. Robert has been my chief designer of all things visual for my business for more than a decade and I consider him to be a trusted and vital member of my team."

– BRIAN JAUDON, PCI Founder & Director

Brand-Centric Websites

Breathe About Life
Highland Lake Cove
Center for Conscious Living & Dying
JuneBug Retro Resort
Quietude Retreat
Samaritan House Greenville
Inner Wisdom

Robert translated my vision beautifully, and I couldn’t have asked for a better design experience. The website is an inspiration, and a testament to his ability to get to the heart of the message and to help folks deliver upon their dreams."


Director, Highland Lake Cove

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