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Intuitive connecting Brand design from the Heart to the Heart. Symbolizing what you are birthing into the world.

At Haden Design, we believe in the transformative power of visual design and storytelling. We are dedicated to bringing the essence and personality of brands to life through our intuitive approach. Deep listening is at the core of our process, ensuring a seamless path of artistic inspiration to your distinctive visual brand identity.

Robert  is a Creative Director and trusted guide for logo’s, websites, and all things visual. He draws on his experience working with large advertising agencies throughout the Southeast as well as his tenure as Art Director for the Biltmore Estate. In addition to his design work, Robert has trained as a dream worker and spiritual director with the Haden Institute (founded by his father) and volunteers with the Asheville NC-based Center for Conscious Living & Dying as a end-of-life doula and fire keeper. He brings his open heart, gifts of vision, intuition and connection to the Divine flow constellating our planet, creation, and each other — to all that he does.


Fear & Hope

Spirituality & Health Magazine

Creative Offerings

Identity Branding   >

We specialize in crafting brand identities that resonate deeply with you and your target audience. Our designs embody the soul of your brand, creating lasting impressions and fostering meaningful connections.

Brand-Centric Websites   >

Websites are living brochures that can capture the heart and soul of your brand, through your compelling narrative in a visually captivating digital experience. Let's invite participation and interaction with what you are offering the world.

Event & Conference Design  >

Print design at Haden Design is not just about visuals; it's about evoking emotions and sparking connections. We weave stories through print AND digital, creating tangible experiences for your audience.


Cover & Poster Design.  >

Let's use full size visual design to weave stories that create game changing impact that resonate deeply with your audience.

Print  Signage Design 

From storefronts signage to in-hand brochures, our designs are carefully crafted to capture attention and leave a lasting impact. We blend creativity with functionality, ensuring your brand stands out in any environment. 

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